Choosing a Home Improvement Contractor

Before installing a new roof or having repairs made, carefully evaluate the contractor to assure the job is done properly. Below are things you may consider when choosing a contractor:

Do not hesitate to ask the contractor for proof of insurance. Make sure the policy is up to date. Many building and home owners have been dragged into litigation involving uninsured contractors. Also, if the contractor is not insured, you may be liable for accidents that occur on your property.

Check for an up-to-date contactor's license.

Look for a contactor with a proven track record, ask for references.

Insist on a detailed, written proposal and examine it for complete descriptions of the work and specifications, including start and completion dates and payment procedures.

Contact the local better business bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the contactor.

Be skeptical about bids that are considerably lower than others for the same exact work. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many below-cost bids seem attractive, but these contactors often perform sub-standard work and are usually uninsured. Also beware of the “higher is better” prices. These contractors usually do not install the roofs themselves, often sub-contacting the work and profiting for selling the “name brand”. There is only one way to do a roof, the right way! Remember, price is only one criteria for selecting a roofing contractor. Professionalism, experience, and quality workmanship should weigh heavily in your decision.




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